On-line processing and analysis of SAXS data


Matlab based graphical user interfaces have been developed for the online processing and analysis of Small Angle X-ray Scattering data.

The described programs are available in a compiled version (not requiring a Matlab licence) for Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

BHplot (online treatment and fitting of SAXS data)
DataTools (averaging, background subtraction, normalization of ASCII data, etc.)

EDFplot (processing of 2D SAXS images - compatible with SAXS Programs by P. Bösecke)
EDFtools (averaging, subtraction, etc. of EDF images - compatible with SAXS Programs by P. Bösecke)

online help


Download Tutorial held during ESRF User meeting 2020: SAXS analysis strategies and softwares

Get latest Windows version
(Windows7, Windows8, Windows 10 based on Matlab R2019a)

Download and install program files using the installer (64bit): SAXSutilitiesSetup64.exe
Do not forget to install the Matlab runtime environment!! -- Direct download: uk.mathworks.com/products/compiler/mcr
You will be asked at the end of the installation routine to download and install this runtime environment. The installation has to be done only once.

Download 32bit version (using Matlab R2014a): SAXSutilitiesSetup32.exe
This version might not support all features of the 64bit version!!

Get latest Linux version (64-bit only!)
(developed under Debian6)

    New procedure since October 2013 (Matlab R2013b) !!!
  1. Download and unpack to a folder of your choice: saxsutilities.zip
    > unzip saxsutilities.zip

  2. Download and unzip: MCRInstaller2013b_glnxa64.zip
    > unzip MCRInstaller2013b_glnxa64.zip
    Then, run the MCR Installer script from the directory where you unzipped the package file by entering:
    > ./install
    Add the environment variables LD_LIBRARY_PATH and XAPPLRESDIR to your system as indicated in the last step of the installation procedure.
    Note that this has to be done only once for each new release of Matlab.

  3. Add an environment variable SAXSUTILITIESPATH to your system which points to the directory created in step 1.

  4. Note that unspec by P. Mikulík has to be installed.

  5. Note that saxsprograms by P. Bösecke have to be installed.

  6. Note that roca by P. Bösecke has to be installed. (Since version saxs_V2.461P2.043E2.236R1.500 included in saxsprograms)

  7. Start SAXSutilities from the folder created in step 1.

    You can also use a start script like:

    setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH [...as indicated by MCRInstaller...]
    setenv XAPPLRESDIR [...as indicated by MCRInstaller...]
    setenv SAXSUTILITIESPATH [/path/to/directory/of/SAXSutilities]

A Mac version is unfortunately not yet available

Matlab function for reading EDF files (data and header)


Corresponding with the author:

Michael Sztucki, ID2